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Welcome to Core Spine and Sports Center

At Core Spine And Sports Center® you will find one on one care using the latest evidence based therapies in rehabilitation. We will strive to address the root of your problem with the highest standard of care, using the most advanced techniques seen today and rooted in the principles of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. Patients can feel confident knowing that we are committed to your overall well-being as we will often counsel you on ways to better your health. Our goal is to get you back into an active, healthier lifestyle. Whether you are the elite athlete, the average individual or looking for wellness care, we are here to address your every need.

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What people have to say about us:

“In my 18 years of interacting with various sports medicine professionals including other ART practitioners, Dr. T is clearly the best at what he does. He has vast experience treating the high level athlete but is equally concerned at helping patients just being able to return to daily activities.”
Dr. Amol Saxena, DPM, Chief Division of Podiatric Medicine, Stanford University Hospital

“George Tsiaprailis DC has been an asset to Standford Women’s Swimming. Since discovering his talents this summer our swimmers have recovered faster and/or are managing their injuries better with his care. We value his chiropractic skills as well his expertise in Active Release Technique.”
Richard Quick, 6 Time U.S. Olympic Swim Team Coach

”Dr. George’s reputation at Pacific Athletic Club was impressive! His professional insight in working with the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team has helped many of our competitive tournament tennis players and members with their shoulder injuries.”
Paul Allen, Director of Tennis, Pacific Athletic Club