Putting It All Together

At Core Spine And Sports Center®, a Functional Integrated Therapy Program is devised to treat ALL areas of the injury cycle to ensure the root cause of your problem is fully addressed. We do not take a bandaid approach and mask the problem by treating the site pain as quite often the site of pain is hardly ever where the real problem is.

An injury may occur through several factors, such as constant tension, repetitive activity and/or a tear type of injury. The body is then triggered to initiate the healing process and inflammation begins to set it. If there is low level inflammation as seen in the early stages of a repetitive activity (ie typing, poor posture, lifting etc), someone might typically feel a stiffness rather than pain. It is only when the injury goes untreated for some time does the inflammation increase and pain now persists. DO NOT dismiss the early warning signs. As part of the inflammatory process, the body tries to repair itself by adhering the injured tissue with the formation of scar tissue. This is typically the entry point to the injury cycle. If left untreated, then almost certainly over time you will begin to unconsciously compensate on how you perform your daily activities because no one wants to feel stiffness or pain. This is where the real “mess of things” begins leading to an array of stability and neuromuscular dysunfction as you can see from the diagram below.

Functional Integrated Therapy

Integrated Functional Therapy


Chiropractic is performed to restore proper joint mechanics and decrease muscle tension.

ART is used to break up the restrictive scar tissue that is impeding tissue motion, or decreasing nerve function through entrapment.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is used to strengthen weakened muscles, essentially establishing a strong CORE, assisting in the removal of scar tissue within the soft tissues by organizing these premature fibers and helping restoring muscle(s) back to their full function.

Neuro-Functional Acupuncture is a more medically based acupuncture used to regulate and restore all aspects of the injury cycle. Scars are often remnants of past events gone wrong, but they can also interfere with the electrical “current” of the body, disrupting communication between the brain and the site of injury. Lack of proper communication can lead to chronic pain, neurogenic atrophy where the nerve activity supplying the corresponding muscle becomes diminished, resulting in muscle weakness, abnormal mechanics and joint stability issues. It’s important to note that in early stage nerve weakness, there may still be good muscle tone in which case we only need to rehab the nerves themselves and mild conditioning of the muscles. However, if nerve weakness is prolonged, then loss of muscle tone will occur and longer periods of rehabilitation may be necessary, as muscle strength does not build up over night.