Chiropractic Therapy Overview

At Core Spine And Sports Center® we address the body as a whole, performing effective spinal and extremity corrections based on the latest evidence based and advanced chiropractic techniques available. Our Board Certified Chiropractors have years of experience, working at all levels of care and rehabilitation. It is this experience that we bring to you for a more comfortable, effective and safer assessment of your complaint when you visit our clinic.

Dr. George at the 2006 USA Swimming Gran Prix Meet with 200m Fly SC American Record Holder and U.S. Swimming National Team Member (2001-2010), Mary Mohler


The modern day chiropractor is far different than the chiropractor of yesterday. Although still based upon many of the same principles that existed over 100 years ago, the practice of chiropractic has evolved with increased knowledge, evidence based research and technology. Our chiropractors are experts in neuromusculoskelatal function and disorders.  A visit to our chiropractors will likely involve soft tissue therapy, more clinical, orthopedic, and even diagnostic testing than you would typically experience at your family doctor’s office, as adjustments are only a small fraction of what we can do for you. The typical first time chiropractic patient presents with some form of musculoskeletal problem such as back, hip, knee, foot or neck pain.

Our practitioners continue to take some of the most advanced rehabilitation courses available, such as, Active Release Therapy, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, Trigenics, Core Strengthening etc, studying far beyond their 4 year doctorate program, advancing their technical and clinical skills, to better unravel what caused your problem in the first place thereby determining the best possible course of care for your condition. Confidence in our doctors is evident on your very first visit.

Functional Integrated Therapy

Integrated Functional Therapy

Because injuries never really affect just one segment or system, our doctors take an integrated, multi-level, functional approach towards assessing and treating all associated root factors regarding your condition. This provides for a healthier lifestyle and better long term results.


At Core Spine And Sports Center®, a complete program is devised to treat ALL areas of this injury cycle to ensure the root cause of your problem is fully addressed.

Chiropractic is performed to restore proper joint mechanics.
ART is used to break up the restrictive scar tissue that is impeding tissue motion or decreasing nerve function through entrapment.
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is used to strengthen weakened muscles, essentially establishing a strong CORE, assisting in the removal of scar tissue within the soft tissues and restoring muscle(s) back to their full function.