Corporate Wellness Program

Low back strains are a very prevalent work related injury in North America. RSI’s can cost a company thousands per employee in productivity loss, vocational rehab, and others.

In the United States, ART care has been recognized as a form of massage, not a medical treatment by OSHA’s national office. Therefore, it is utilized as a wellness and prevention program that does not generate an OSHA Recordable Injury when delivered for employees in this type of on site care program.  OSHA VPP auditors called this program a Best Management Practice after auditing Sanmina-SCI. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a part of the U.S. Department of Labor which governs all workforce injuries in the same manner as WSIB.

When working on-site at a corporation, ART is rendered to individuals with job tasks that may have a high propensity for developing RSI’s (repetitive strain injuries) or to individuals with early signs of symptoms. By catching these conditions early and or preventing them completely, companies can reduce recordable injury rates significantly. 90% of SCI’s soft tissue cases are treated on-site and only 10% are being referred out for occupational medicine care and rehab.  With ART care, employees are not put on any work restrictions. Sessions are very brief (10 to 15 minutes). An average case will take 4 sessions (15 minutes each) to greatly improve and/or resolve an early onset condition.

  • The Journal of the American Medical Association, in 2003, put the annual cost at $61.2 billion for the money drained from US businesses for productivity lost due to employee pain.
  • In 2007, four (3.8) out of ten days away from work cases were sprains or strains.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI’s) accounted for 39.76% of the injuries and illnesses with days away from work in 2007.
Work Injuries Cost Money

Safety organizations, provinces, small business owners and major corporations alike now realize that the actual cost of a lost workday injury is substantial. For every dollar you spend on the direct costs of a worker’s injury or illness, you will spend much more to cover the indirect and hidden costs. Consider what one lost workday due to injury would cost you in terms of:

  • Productive time lost by an injured employee.
  • Productive time lost by employees and supervisors attending to the accident victim.
  • Clean up and start up of operations interrupted by the accident.
  • Time to hire or to retrain other individuals to replace the injured worker until his/her return.
  • Vocational rehabilitation if the worker can no longer do the same type of work.
  • Time and cost for repair or replacement of any damaged equipment or materials.
  • Cost of continuing all or part of the employee’s wages, in addition to compensation.
  • Reduced morale among your employees, and perhaps lower efficiency; Increased workers’ compensation insurance rates.
  • Cost of completing paperwork generated by the incident.
How Our Program Differs
Increased productivity and corporate return based on a healthier more energetic workforce.

Increased productivity and corporate return based on a healthier more energetic workforce.

It’s simple. Our corporate wellness program is a proactive collaborative model that is specific, dynamic and customized to YOUR companies needs. Other such wellness programs are non specific with generalized templates that become recycled. These typically are non functional working models that provide little or no effect in a companies overall health.

To start, a detailed history of your company and it’s departments as it pertains to wellness is taken, as would be done if you were to walk into a doctors office with a problem. The physician would of course take a thorough history and requisition a few diagnostic tests in order to achieve a proper diagnosis which would aid in the preparation of your treatment plan. Short interviews with employees may also be warranted so as to familiarize ourselves further with job specifications and how they might be performed. This is key, as sometimes there needs to be one on one time observing the employees in their work environments as there may be some subconscious patterns the employees may not be aware of that are repeatedly occurring. For example, we don’t notice how we walk, we just walk. It isn’t until someone points something out that we may notice we walk a certain way.

Once Core Spine And Sports Center® has determined a diagnosis, a resolution and goal pattern is established and carried out. There are several other integral components to our program which will be discussed during our initial meeting. Statistics such as injury type, time off work, re-occurence rate, type of worker, cost savings, treatment duration and others are kept so that companies can review their own statistics and see how this has benefited their overall health and productivity.

How would your employees like to have their very own in-home personal rehabilitation therapist? Would your employees appreciate having access to therapists with years of elite experience, who believe in no-nonsense rehab and are accustomed to resolving situations before they become problems? Would your company appreciate a training and education program second to none? Why set limits? Here at Core Spine And Sports Center®, we think outside the box, bringing innovative wellness to your company. We challenge you to do the same.